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Welcome to the companion Web site for Microsoft Expression Web 2 for Windows VQS. The book gives you a jump start on using Microsoft's improved Web creation tool.  Gone are all the crufty code hijinks of its predecessor, FrontPage. Unlike FrontPage, Expression Web uses Web standards. It also includes some of the handiest CSS tools available. You'll find example files from each chapter

Using the example files

The examples listed below are ready to download, chapter by chapter to match the book. Each chapter is compressed as a .zip archive: once you download a file just double-click to expand.

I'm still tidying up the files and uploading them chapter by chapter until I finish the job. That way, early-bird readers can get started without having to wait for all the chapters. .

Except for the first few chapters, which are pretty simple, each chapter folder contains example files of what the page looks like before you start working on it and what it should look like after you're done. The file names make it pretty obvious (usually something like examplefileBEFORE.htm and examplefileAFTER.htm). Whenever images are required in building the page, you'll find a separate images folder within the chapter folder.

Example Files to Download (compressed as zip files)
Chapter 1—None since overview chapter

Chapter 2—Creating Sites
Chapter 3—Working with Pages
Chapter 4—Working with Text
Chapter 5—Working with Images
Chapter 6—Creating Links
Chapter 7—Creating Style Sheets with CSS
Chapter 8—Creating Layouts with CSS
Chapter 9—Adding Interactive Behaviors
Chapter 10—Adding Tables
Chapter 11—Adding Forms
Chapter 12—None since it's about publishing your files.

Expression Web 2:
Visual QuickStart Guide

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