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Installing a responsive theme

The previously installed Basic Maths theme did not work as well as I hoped. Its layout did change depending on the device you used to view it. But somehow it seemed clunky (that’s a technical term). So I’ve reinstalled WordPress’s TwentyTen theme, plus added a child theme that is responsive to the viewing device. Aptly named “Responsive Twenty Ten,” it does the job.

Switching to Basic Maths

I’ve been busy doing paid work, so only now returning to this work-in-progress. I’ve switched away from WP’s own TwentyEleven theme to Basic Maths for several reasons.

  • As seen in a previous post, Twenty Eleven is not designed to respond to small, mobile-based screens. In this day and age, that’s two strikes against it right there.
  • Basic Maths theme, which is on sale for $30 until Jan. 1, automatically reformats its layouts for the iPhone. It’s also grid-based and—I think—simple enough to be reconfigured as I need.
  • Basic Maths was created by and Allan Cole. From 2006 to 2010, Vinh was the design director for, which he helped turn into one of the Web’s best-looking and easiest-to-use news sites. I’ve followed his Subtraction blog for years.

With the theme nailed down, it’s on to customizing the general look before building various one-off pages.