Breadcrumbs into the jungle

Consider this post part of a trail of breadcrumbs left behind as I upgrade the site to WordPress. The journey’s hardly begun, but it won’t be long before I’m hip deep in php and sql files. Having a record of my day-by-day progress just might  keep me from wandering too far off the trail.

Regarding yesterday’s machette exercise, it turns out there was a bug in the previous version of Twenty Eleven theme that kept it from working properly with WordPress 3.04. But to update to WordPress 3.2.1, I had to back up my directories and the site’s .sql file. I hadn’t done that  because the site’s really too new to have much to back up. Something I’d have to do sooner or later, so I did it today. And now I’m set.

Oh, and the Twenty Eleven theme update then installed perfectly. Of course, the theme has way too much air in the text and the heds are gargantuan. So there’s work still to be done. Two steps forward…