Switching to Basic Maths

I’ve been busy doing paid work, so only now returning to this work-in-progress. I’ve switched away from WP’s own TwentyEleven theme to Basic Maths for several reasons.

  • As seen in a previous post, Twenty Eleven is not designed to respond to small, mobile-based screens. In this day and age, that’s two strikes against it right there.
  • Basic Maths theme, which is on sale for $30 until Jan. 1, automatically reformats its layouts for the iPhone. It’s also grid-based and—I think—simple enough to be reconfigured as I need.
  • Basic Maths was created by and Allan Cole. From 2006 to 2010, Vinh was the design director for NYTimes.com, which he helped turn into one of the Web’s best-looking and easiest-to-use news sites. I’ve followed his Subtraction blog for years.

With the theme nailed down, it’s on to customizing the general look before building various one-off pages.