Earlier Peachpit Books

Over the years, I’ve written more than two dozen books for Peachpit Press, most of them part of their best-selling Visual QuickStart Series. With the constant updates to software programs, many of those books are no longer in print. However, a few remain surprisingly strong sellers, primarily because many people come to know a particular program so well that they’re reluctant to upgrade.

For example, Dreamweaver, Adobe’s website building program, is now part of its Creative Cloud suite of apps. Yet I still get email from Dreamweaver CS4 users who depend on my book, Creating a Web Site in Dreamweaver CS4. For that reason, I’ve not yet retired the pages on this site devoted to it and other users’ favorite programs.

Creating a Web Site in Dreamweaver CS4: Visual QuickProject GuideCreating a Web Site in Dreamweaver CS4: Visual QuickProject Guide



Microsoft Expression Web : Visual QuickStart GuideMicrosoft Expression Web 2 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide



FileMaker Pro 8 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide, Adobe Reader FileMaker Pro 8: Visual QuickStart Guide